What Foods To Eat Prior To A Long Race

Runner’s Knee is a common ailment attributed to over use of the joint. The cartilage starts to soften over time an causes joint pain along with the knee cap occasionally slipping out of place. The effects can be lessened or even prevented with a proper warm up routine. There are five good stretches most doctors can agree one that can help with Runner’s Knee. Quad stretches are a good start. You need to lay down on your stomach or side near a wall or chair. Then take your ankle and pull it back against your butt. The glute and hamstring stretch can be combined to help also. Lay down and bend your knee then pull it back against your chest. For the hamstrings, safeco car insurance, sit down with your legs in front of you. Bend down forward pushing your hands toward your ankles. You should feel the burn on your lower back and behind your legs. Calf stretches and the iliotibial band stretch can help keep your tendons loose and improve mobility. For the iliotibial you want to cross one leg in front of the other and simply reach for your toes. You should also feel your calves being stretched out too.

Body Mass Index And Running For Weight Loss

Running is a great way to lose unwanted pounds and get in shape. Aerobic activities such as running, swimming and biking elevate your heart rate and burns calories. It is important to wear good running shoes to avoid injuries. Choose a running track such as the local high school for the best results. You can also buy a treadmill to use when the weather is bad. Always warm up your muscles before running. This will prevent injuring muscle tendons and ligaments. Running for weight loss will work faster if you combine it Read the rest of this entry »

Should Children Participate In Distance Running?

When your children are learning about all of the different activities in which they may participate, they might want to know if they can sign up for some distance running. As a parent, you are wondering if this activity is appropriate for your child. First, you need to make an appointment with his or her doctor. Some conditions, asthma for example, might prevent your child from participating or may necessitate some special considerations.

You also need to take your child’s age into account when making this decision.You can find a quick rundown August 2013

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